Cinq Impromptus: Carillon et ronde

You can’t mention Tansman without talking about his contribution to Polish music. Though he spent most of his life in Paris, he was born in Łódź and never abandoned his heritage. In fact, he was second only to Chopin in the number of mazurkas he wrote for the piano. This is the second movement from his Cinq Impromptus and is flavored by the mazurka and polonaise.


Suite dans le style ancien: Toccata

Whether it was his piano music or his works for orchestra, Tansman always love finishing with a virtuosic blitz to the end. This is the final movement from his Suite dans le style ancien, one of the greatest examples of his love for the Neo-Baroque.


Huit Novelettes: Exotique

On his 1932 - 1933 world tour, Tansman became one of the first composers/performers to travel to the Far East, visiting Bombay, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, to name a few, and was even received by the Emperor of Japan. This gorgeous piece was inspired by Javanese gamelan music and shows how frequently Tansman embraced the music of other cultures. The 2:40 mark is a testament to his ability to create atmosphere at the piano.